Step 1. Choose Your Outfit. Please look at our collections first and find what you would like to get made. When you have finalized your decision about designs and materials, send it to us by email along with your measurements (see below). If you couldn't find anything sutable for you, we will be able to make your own design. We are also very flexible about design details, so if you want to make some changes in the original design it is more than possible.

Step 2. Measurements. All clothes are tailor made to your measurements. The instructions of how to take measurements can be found here. Please contact us if you have any questions or difficulties with this!

Step 3. Payment. When your clothes will be ready, we send you a picture of the item by email, so you can confirm that it's what you have ordered. After this we expect you to make payment by PayPal or a credit card; customers from USA can send a check. We will send you all the necessary information by email.


Shipping. After your payment will go though we will send you the package. For our shipping we are using FedEx service. It is a safe and fast way to deliver your clothes to your hometown. Shipping is not included in the prices on the web-site! To reduce the shipping costs you can share the package with your friends from your city.

Dance Events. Another place to get our products is big dance events. The next chance to get any of these swing outfits will be in Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. If you don't know what it is, we recommend visiting their web-site and learn more about it, because it is the biggest and best swing dance event on the planet.
Remember that it takes a while to process your order, so we highly recommend letting us know in advance about something you want to get in Herrang.

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