Dress "Splanky"

Splanky design is based on a pattern from 1939 and combines two different fabrics: one-tone stretchable bottom and colourful bust and sleeves (or just cuffs). This dress is very elegante and comfortable for dancing.
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combined with knitted cotton - € 55
entirely made of silk - € 70-80
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The top part and the sleeves can be decorated with a silk bow or two matching decorative buttons.

Fabrics and Pictures

To choose material for the top part, please look in our fabric catalog.

We would like to recommend for this design a few materials that you can see below. These look especially good with black bottom part:

These patterns will go well with white bottom part:

The dress also can be made of only one material. You can see an example below:

The rest of the materials that you can find in the catalog can be used for this dress as well, but the dress made of materials above will be more comfortable for dancing.

If you like this design, please check our "Splanky" blouse.

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