Dress "Cottontail"

Click to see larger pictureThis design was based on a pattern from 1943 and can combine black, white, red or blue knitted stretchable cotton with any material from our fabric catalog. The skirt can be made of the same material as the top and the sleeves or be entirely made of the stretchable cotton.

Price: € 50
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The material for the top and the cuffs can be also used to make the whole sleeve, if you like. We can make the belt to be buckled or tied, your choice.

Fabrics and Pictures

This design allows you to use any material you would like. It can be cotton or silk, no matter if it stretches or not.

These materials can be comined with black stretchable cotton:

These materials can go well with red stretchable cotton for the body part:

These are examples of combinations of blue:

These materials will look the best with white stretchable cotton:

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