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This is the classic design from the 40's that was popular for the entire decade. Lot's of dresses in those days were made from a similar pattern. It can look more playful or more classy depending on the style you like.

Price dependent on material:
cotton -
€ 60
silk - € 80-90
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The collar and the cuffs can be made of contrasting fabric to give it playful look in the late 40's style. The collar can be round or triangular shape. If you prefer a more elegant and classy style you can use either a darker collar for the trim or the same fabric as for the rest of the dress and with no cuffs. The belt is optional.


Fabrics and Pictures

This design allows you to use any material you would like. It can be cotton or silk, no matter if it stretches or not.

We would like to recommend a few materials that will go especially good with this design:

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