Blouse "Amapola"

Amapola blouse with Pencil skirtThis design can be done in any fabric that you can find in our fabric catalog. Combining different styles of collars and sleeves we can make something that will fit your idea perfectly.

Price dependent on material and sleeve length:
cotton - € 40-50
silk - € 45-60
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Below you can see some possible versions of Amapola design:

1. A Round collar can be done in the same material as the rest of the blouse or a different color. It has one small button that you can button or leave open.

2. A Triangular collar looks the best if it's made of a different solid color material (cotton or silk). It also looks good when buttoned or open.

3. Long sleeves look very nice and are more comfortable if you planning to do aerials in this blouse.

4. Short sleeves can be straight or puffy. Certain styles of sleeve may not be compatable with certain materials.


Buttoned Collar Buttoned Collar Amapola blouse with Zoot Skirt, Student pants Contrasting Collar Black silk Amapola blouse with Zoot Skirt

This blouse looks good with any pants or skirts. We can help you choose matching materials for you Amapola blouse and pants or skirt.

Recommended Materials:

Plaid Cotton Plaid Cotton Stretchable Silk Red Cotton with White Flowers Dark Red Cotton with Flowers

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